World’s Top Five Rarest Disease in the World

World population is increasing day by day and most of the people are affected by one or other diseases. Some diseases are not known even to the doctors yet. Rarest diseases also exist in this world. Discussing fact about these diseases will make clear the actual cause of the disease. Some diseases are now being tested and well researched. Below are the five rarest diseases which cannot be cured and even sometimes not even diagnosed.

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This disease is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world but you can sit back and relax as it’s not going to affect you anyhow because this disease is only caused to the fort tribe in the region of New Guinea. This disease is caused by some kind of This disease is caused because bacteria develop in the brain and they start eating the prey after it dies. The brain starts functioning abnormally after the person is. There is a story of people of fort tribe that they used to eat the remainder of people of their own kind to save the spirit. Some people say that this kind of disease is passed on by them only. Imagining about such disease is really painful. Kuru doesn’t exist in this present world and that is a relief to the people all over the world.

Field’s condition:

This kind of disease is also the rarest disease which causes muscle disorder. This happens to two sisters in the field and also causes muscle spasms up to hundred times each day. This disease causes pain in the muscles and soon the muscles start to degrade. It caused loss of speech in both the sisters. They communicate with others with the help of electronic speech machine.

Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria:

This disease is also the rarest one. This disease is kind of genetic mutation and affects one child among eight million. This disease causes early aging of the child and also weakens the bones. This disease also causes baldness and also increases the chances of heart attack. This disease causes premature aging which is very dangerous.


This disease is caused by the uneven amount of methemoglobin present in the body. This disease is also known as a blue skin disorder. This blue skin appears as methemoglobin which is some kind of hemoglobin is present in abundance in the body. This disease also causes abnormal functioning of heart and eye disorders and even premature death.


This disease is very painful and symptoms of these diseases are bitching and itching. The condition is severe as a person cannot attend places such as schools and offices. Loss of memory and skin disorders are caused by such diseases. The disease is yet not diagnosed and the cure is still not invented. Doctors are researching on this disease but still, they are unable to cure it.

A number of tests and researches are going on these diseases which are rarest on the planet. People are affected in a small number but to put an end to these deadly diseases something big has to be done.


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