Plastic Surgery Vancouver for Healing Rare Diseases

When it comes to treatment of any kind of illness, plastic surgery in Vancouver is sometimes needed. All individual’s try their level best to seek the best ever therapies possible and consult the most experienced doctor in the industry. Most diseases that occur to an individual can be detected after certain tests like urine tests, blood tests or others. There are also remedies that prove to be the best in curing such diseases. However, there is a majority of individual’s out there who have one or the rare symptoms which are unknown to common Vancouver doctors. They fail to seek treatments and this result in sudden death or further worsening of the situation. Symptoms like overproduction of pituitary hormones or being sexually charged all the time need special and attention. A typical medical doctor can examine these symptoms, but sometimes a Vancouver plastic surgeon needs to take a look. These are the causes of some rare diseases. It has been reported and surveyed that out of 30 individuals in America and Canada (many in Vancouver, BC); at least 10 have suffered or are suffering from a rare disease. Since such diseases need time to be detected, individuals should consult professional doctors and surgeons for the treatment of the same. It should not be neglected as the body might get affected with time.

Types of rare diseases and what causes them:

Symptoms of some rare diseases-

Since it is impossible for some doctors to immediately detect and focus on the rare disease, a person’s medical history should be thoroughly checked so as to bring out the root cause of the ailment. However, here is a list of rare diseases and their causes:

  • Hyperthyroidism-

Overproduction of the thyroid hormone is the main reason. Its main symptoms include swelling of the face and neck area, sudden weight loss, incapable of tolerating heat etc.

  • Morgellons-

The main symptoms include the appearance of red and black fibers on the skin. The individual has difficulty in walking and has certain biting sensations all over the body.

  • Progeria-

This refers to damage to the fetus. Mostly occurs in new to be mothers and the major symptoms include the abnormal facial appearance of the new baby, undeveloped skin and other parts of the body etc.

  • Water allergy-

One of the rarest of all, but surgeons have confirmed that at least 2% of the individuals on earth are allergic to water. Getting close to water may result in high amount rashes on the skin followed by abnormal organ functioning.

  • Laughing death-

This affected a tribe in Papua New Guinea and it occurred because of excess laughter. The symptom included sudden absurd and cracked laughing over a consequent period of time.

  • Alice in Wonderland syndrome-

This may sound illogical, but individuals find all things around them to be shorter than their actual height. This happens because of certain damages in the brain and dysfunction of the nerve cells.

  • Porphyria-

This disease leads to the overproduction of heme, which is an important element in the red blood cells. It can lead to nausea, walking problems, swollen face etc.

Plastic Surgery Vancouver Cures for Rare Diseases

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When diagnosed with any one of the above rare diseases, it is important to consult professional Vancouver plastic surgery clinical surgeons who have adequate knowledge in the field. Additionally, he or she should also have experience in treating such rare natured diseases and should provide expert solutions to the patient. It may take a long time for the patient to heal. Some amazing plastic surgeons who are well known and possibly in Vancouver, BC in the field are-

Ways to treat such rare diseases and the best Vancouver plastic surgeons for it:

  • Jerry Vockley, MD, D.-

He is a therapist and his main way of treating rare diseases is through several therapeutic sessions. He is a chief surgeon in the field of medical genetics and has also co-founded the North American metabolic academy.

  • Maria Lusia Escolar, MD, MS-

She is known for treatments related to rare brain disorders like mucopolysaccharidosis, leukodystrophies etc.  She has also developed her own ways to heal patients by scanning different parts of the brain and removing the root cause of the disease.

  • Scott Canna, MD-

His contributions have been in the field of treating rare skin diseases like Morgellons, macrophage activation etc. He is a pediatric Rheumatologist and is a dedicated surgeon in his field.

  • Brian Feingold, MD-

He is the leading medical director of pediatric heart transplants and heart failure programs. He is well known for curing a rare disease that mostly occurs in children, which is Barth syndrome that causes complete failure of the heart.

  • Ira Fox, MD-

He is an expert in the field of treating rare cell diseases. He is the director general of the center for innovative regenerative therapies. The rarest of the condition that he has treated is a metabolic disorder that required transplanting of hepatocytes in a patient.

  • George v Mazeriagos, MD, FACS-

He is extremely talented in his field of healing patients with rare disorders, especially when related to transplants and metabolic cases. He has successfully solved cases related to liver dysfunctioning as well.

  • Patrick McKiernan, MD-

He is a liver expert and treats rare liver disorders. He also has experience in treating children with the metabolic liver disease.

  • Holmes Morton, MD-

He is the co-founder of a clinic for special children in Vancouver. He is a surgeon known for his treating rare metabolic diseases.

A final look at the treatment of rare diseases:

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Patients diagnosed with rare diseases find it difficult to interact and speak up about their problems. This is why Vancouver plastic surgery is difficult at times. Many times, providing information about one’s own health condition becomes difficult because people don’t have the trust for a stranger, despite their credentials. This often breaks down the confidence of the patient in the total healing process. That is, it’s important and vital to build trust with a client when one is a doctor or plastic surgery practitioner. It’s therefore essential to contact the best of surgeons for the best treatments. It’s essential to recover for the long run and not for a temporary period of time. But all Vancouver doctors are highly trained individuals and they can see through the symptoms and recognize the disease that the individual is diagnosed with. Therefore, getting the proper treatments within the budget is an essentiality.