World’s Top Five Rarest Disease in the World

World population is increasing day by day and most of the people are affected by one or other diseases. Some diseases are not known even to the doctors yet. Rarest diseases also exist in this world. Discussing fact about these diseases will make clear the actual cause of the disease. Some diseases are now being […]

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What You Need To Know About Fields Disease

Fields’ Diseases is one of the most uncommon diseases that have been known about till date. It only has had a total of two diagnosed cases in history. This disease was first diagnosed in the Welsh twins and was so rare that it was thereby named after them. Fields’ disease is known to be a […]

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What Percentage Of People Get A Rare Disease?

Rare diseases are a disease which does not affect the majority of people and is characterized by rare symptoms. There are various factors which make a disease rare or common. Place or region is one such factor to determine a disease as rare or common. A disease might be rare in a particular place but […]

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